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Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation

Areas of Expertise

Creative Coaching, Team Collaboration and Transitions

My Expertise

With a background in teaching and facilitation, Anne started her own business Creative Coaching in 2017, working with clients to harness their creativity across all areas of their lives whether that are looking to bring a creative mindset to their business, or to bring a business mindset to their creative practice.

An Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation, a certified EQi assessor and trained in systemic coaching with Coaching Constellations, Anne also works with fellow coach Liz Barron, running coaching programmes, coach training, and co-authoring articles on the theme of creative collaboration.

Anne is also a poet, with two collections published and a third ‘Twenty-six Letters of a New Alphabet’ forthcoming with Salmon Poetry in 2021.

My Articles

  • The Nays and Nos of Networking

    Networking is always going to be a little awkward initially as our brains are wired to scan for danger when we come across an unfamiliar face and when that’s a sea of unfamiliar faces, our brains are shouting ‘run for cover!’. That initial discomfort is natural and is to be expected.

  • What Not To Do About Whats On Offer

    When you’re looking to define what your offering is, begin by seeking to understand why potential clients might want to buy your services. If you’re just starting out, ask yourself: What will my offering help my client to do differently or better? How will their lives be better because of it?

  • What Not To Do When Putting a Value on Our Work

    We need to understand the basic principle of fair exchange, and how it impacts our ability over an extended period of time, to consistently offer exceptional service. Simply put, if the price we’re asking for does not take into account the cost of running a business, and investing in professional development, very soon we’ll find ourselves run into the ground.

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