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Advanced Diploma in Visual Communications College of Marketing and Design, Dublin
Distinction in Book Design, London College of Printing, London
Certified Brand Specialist, Level C

Areas of Specialisation

Graphic Design, Book Design, Design for Print, Digital Design, Website Design, Brand Strategy, Brand Design,

My Expertise

Barbara is the award winning creator of CUBE Design and its visual brand consultant. With three decades of graphic design experience, Barbara has seen the sector transformed from the days of Letraset, Rubylith and scalpels to creating designs that work on multiple digital platforms as well as traditional media. What hasn’t changed during this time are Barbara’s core values of professionalism, trust-based relationships and delighting her clients with creative solutions.

After studying Visual Communications in the College of Marketing and Design in Dublin, Barbara moved to London where she qualified in Advanced Book Design with the London College of Printing. During her London years, she worked for Bedford Square Press, a social issues publishing house, before it became part of a large charitable organisation, NCVO, where Barbara continued to work as the sole designer for the organisation. Her work for NCVO gave her a broad range of design experience from small leaflets and brochures to exhibition work, posters and monthly magazines with nationwide delivery in the UK. Her eventual involvement with a rebranding exercise for NCVO reignited her interest in branding and visual identity.

Returning to Dublin to build a house and raise a family, Barbara continued her design work from home before establishing CUBE Design in 2009, now in its eleventh year of business. Barbara is a certified brand specialist with the only professional certification program in brand, taught by global expert Marty Neumeier with Level C, and an accredited thought leader in brand design with the All Ireland Business All Stars Foundation.

As a professional member of the Institute of Designers in Ireland (IDI), Barbara adheres to their code of conduct and best practices for designers. She keeps up to date with developments in the design profession through participation in Design Enterprise Skillnet events and training. Barbara is also a member of the The Irish International Business Network (IIBN), and the The Venture Business Network (Beacon Group).

My Articles

  • Don’t Distort the View

    As I read through social media posts and look at many documents produced by people in all areas, it pains me to see images distorted or blurry or the image has the wrong colour settings for printing. Here are a few pointers on What Not To Do when it comes to image handling for documents.

  • Keep an Eye On The Negative

    Keep an Eye On The Negative So you are at work, and you have to put out a new document, and off you go putting in the text and the images to break it up…but…did you think about who is going to read this, and is it easy to read?…

  • When it Comes to Branding Your Business, Don’t Do It Yourself

    While branding your business, you don’t need a separate website, logo, or business name…you need a brand which encompasses all three. Your brand is the seed from which the other shoots of your business will grow.

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