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Bill is considered by many people as a natural leader who leads by helping others to succeed. He has worked for the last four decades with individuals and organisations in 19 countries, assisting them in breaking boundaries and creating better futures for themselves.

An innovator in future-thinking, he originated and developed Future-basing®, a method used worldwide for designing successful futures for organisations, teams, and individuals.  It is especially powerful in enabling even big groups of people to create collective visions and build a powerful sense of common purpose. Bill has facilitated its use in situations as diverse as the International Red Cross, UN organisations, in urban regeneration, health and education systems.  It has also enabled advances in the oil & gas, large scale engineering, manufacturing & servicing and environmental protection industries.

In his earlier years, he spent time pioneering modern horticultural growing systems in Almeria, Southern Spain, at the beginning of Almeria’s emergence as a major horticultural growing región. Shortly after his return to the UK, he became an Instructor of Parks and Cemeteries workers, and initiated his change of career to training, management consulting and people development.

These days, Bill is known around the world for his work with Neuro Linguistic Programming, better known as NLP. He has been involved in training and certifying Trainers of NLP from more than a hundred countries, and imparting those special skills to would-be Coaches and people in the world of Personal Development and People Helping. His current passion is to build a world-wide alliance of highly trained Trainers of Coaches using NLP as their main skillset.

Bill communicates from his heart, knowing that integrity, honesty, and trust are at the root of all healthy relationships and that everything works when people cooperate and collaborate.  His professional and personal life is dedicated to encouraging exactly that.

My Articles

  • I love you too, sign here!

    When a potential business partner asked, “Do you have any faults or defects?” My answer; “More than I would like to admit. I tend to trust people too readily.” A few months later, (as I had no funds to invest), we were in business together on the basis of a gentleman’s agreement. After two and a half years, I asked for a formal contract and I was refused. The obvious lesson; write down your agreement and formalize it.

  • My Cardinal Sin as a Management Consultant

    In my view, and my painful experience, THE cardinal sin in management consulting is to forget or misinterpret who is your client. This is a story of how I insulted very deeply my client, without even realising it for nearly three years. It cost me my business and filled me…

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