Catriona Kirwan

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– Accredited Diploma in Executive & Life Coaching with Neuroscience

– Certificate in Neuro-Wellness Coaching

– Certificate in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Training

Area of expertise

Coaching with Neuroscience, Confidence Coaching, Stress and Energy Management.

My Expertise

Catriona set up her own business, Catriona Kirwan Coaching in 2018. Her passion is in inspiring professionals to set themselves up for success so that they can achieve their professional as well as their personal potential. Catriona uses a WIN (whole system integrated with Neuroscience) approach introducing techniques and strategies which move clients from stress, struggle and overwhelm to calmness, control, and clarity.

By understand how energy flows in the body, Catriona equips her clients with strategies to optimise focus and attention and get into peak state for success, to be more productive with their time allowing them to create more space to do the things they love.

Prior to running her own business, Catriona worked in Cork University Hospital for almost 20 years. During this time, she gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in working in a highly stressful environment. She saw first-hand how some thrived in this environment and others crumbled. Coaching with Neuroscience has provided her with an understanding of how the ability to overcome stress varies greatly, but the good news is that through coaching, this capacity can be increased so that her clients can thrive not just survive in stressful times.

My Articles

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