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David is a highly successful and experienced chartered physiotherapist with clinical, consultation, pitch side and research experience in diverse settings.

My Expertise

David has significant sports medicine practice with high-performance culture, professional athlete and non-athlete populations using evidence-based methods, accompanied by strong international research ties in industry and academia. He has worked with Isokinetic Medical Group in Harley St., London – and in professional soccer, rugby and private practice. He has had a research position in Royal College Surgeons Ireland, and is currently a faculty member and external lecturer for Florida International University (USA). He has had articles published in peer-reviewed sports medicine publications, presented at international conferences – and is currently developing a not-for-profit online education platform for newly-graduated physiotherapists called ‘The Learning Physiotherapist’.

David is the founder and director of Hauora Ltd., a company based in Dublin that focuses on optimising whole person wellbeing for businesses. He is the founder and co-host of the podcast ‘Sleep Eat Perform Repeat’, which focuses on high performance – and the stories, learnings, and lessons in that field. He is the European Head of Medical Care and Performance Services for the Brooklyn Nets and the San Antonio Spurs of the NBA.  He has had opinion articles published in The Times (UK) and The Limerick Leader. David is married and has two children.

My Articles

  • Do not move out of your lane to impress

    Understand your why – and what makes you tick. Stay in that lane for a while. You will then create a bank of expertise, and experience to call on and lean on forever.

  • What not to do – Don’t forget the fundamentals!

    Excellence and high performance in any profession and walk of life is about doing the ordinary, fundamental pieces extraordinarily well and to the highest possible standard to achieve the highest possible outcomes. Learn the fundamentals you need to know, practice them regularly with a zeal and passion and will serve you well.

  • What Not to Do When creating a podcast

    The Landscape I always wanted to create a podcast, having devoured ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, ‘The Tim Ferriss Show’, ‘Trained’ and ‘School of Greatness’ for ages. I felt it would be a cool project to embark on (which it is, do not get me wrong there! I have learned so…

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