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My Expertise

Marina is a Data Analyst on LinkedIn’s Insights team. She works with recruiting companies in various countries to help them better understand the trends in the talent market and make the most out of their activities on the platform.

Prior to LinkedIn, Marina worked in a small start-up in Berlin trying out various roles (Sales, HR, Operations, you name it) before she finally found a job she loved on their Business Intelligence team. Coming from an Economics background she is very passionate about how data can help Governments and Non-Profit Organizations measure their impact and improve their work.

My Articles

  • What Not To Do When Deciding Where To Donate

    Researching charities can be time consuming and there are many organisations out there already doing the heavy lifting for us. Non-profit evaluators like are a great place to learn more about which interventions are most promising and which charities are best at delivering those interventions.

  • What not to do when starting out as a Data Analyst

    When starting something new you won’t be able to avoid making mistakes but if you’re prepared by working on practical examples, don’t get held back by your colleagues’ technical language and show off all your experience you’re already ahead.

  • What not to do when visualising data

    As a Data Analyst, visualising data is my bread and butter but I have had my fair share of failures. I’ve put together some of the mistakes I’ve made & how to avoid them when visualising data.

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