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HN Diploma in Communications & Photography, Licentiateship member in the Irish Professional Photographers Association, IPPVA Award Winning Photographer.

Areas Of Expertise

Photographing and engaging with people and making them feel relaxed in front of the camera.

My Expertise

Meabh has been photographing people for over 2 decades. She learnt the trade using slide, medium format and 35mm rolls of film and developed her images in the traditional wet darkroom. Moving with technology she advanced to digital photography roughly 12-14 years ago.  Learning the technical details in college she learnt the world of business and how to run a professional successful business by working with experienced photographers in all aspects of photography from commercial, interiors, weddings, portraits and film.

Over the years she has learnt a lot about the business but more importantly about understanding people. That is what drives her and it is her ability to connect with people and make them feel at ease in front of the camera.  It is all about understanding your customer and their needs and insecurities, educating them with what you can provide for them.  She provides a people-focused photography service in a fun and relaxed manner to clients who trust her to efficiently deliver high-quality images with attention to detail that empowers them and brings out their confidence and personality.  Her experience and personality help connect with people.

She is involved with a number of networks that keep her on her feet and keeps her finger on the pulse with new styles and technologies.

Photography Range

Commercial, Events, Portraits (both in studio and on location) and weddings.

My Articles

  • What not to do when Putting A Professional Face To Your Business

    What is the message you want to give out with your photo image? Are you presenting as professional yet approachable, do you want to portray trust, is your business all about fun and energy?

  • What not to do: Don’t Do It Alone

    Get involved in the right networks that will support you and you them in return. Meet fellow professionals for a coffee and chat (all be it virtual at the moment).  It is amazing what you pick up.

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