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My Expertise

Mike is the Head of Account Management for EMEA at IT Glue and ID Agent.  He has built and led sales teams in Europe and Canada primarily in the SaaS industry over the last 5 years.  Mike is an expert in learning from mistakes, like the lesson he learned in keeping cloud backups after being unable to find a local copy of his professional headshot for this website profile.

My Articles

  • How not to document your IT environment – Onboarding

    You can’t solve problems without information, so making sure the information your team needs is readily accessible is critical to the success of any Managed Service Prooviders.  With that said, here’s how not to get your documentation in order.  

  • What not To Do Under Pressure

    Meditation for 10 minutes a day and reduces anxiety, stress and generally makes it easier for me to see the big picture in times of great pressure. It makes Mike Karr “see through the fog” more easily.

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