Santa (AKA Nick) Nicholas Claus

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  • Diploma in Caregiving
  • Degree in Sleighbuilding
  • PhD in Toy Making

Areas of expertise

  • Toymaking
  • Sleighbuilding
  • Christmas cheer and happiness
  • Caregiving
  • Delivery Logistics

My Expertise

I started my career as a monk, which is where I came to be called Nick. I used to travel around the countryside helping the sick and the poor and anyone who needed my help. 

I realised it was the children I really wanted to help the most and I wasn’t getting to talk to them and find out what they really wanted and about their hopes and dreams. So I started going into the shops and asking if I could sit there and talk to the children who came in. 

After all of my toy shop visits, I decided to bring some happiness and joy to all the children across the world. This became so popular that I now needed many many elves to help me organise everything. But we get there every year (well almost every year) and we make all the children happy.

My Articles

  • When not to eat too many cookies

    What I love to do most as one year turns to another, is to bring Christmas cheer and presents to everyone. As you may already know my name is Nicholas, but call me Nick and I’ve been around for a very very long time.  Over the years the children have…

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