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What Not to Do When Talking About Your Business - by Meadhbh Hand

What Not to Do When Talking About Your Business

Watch the listener’s body language and listen to their questions. The questions they ask will help you to improve on how you describe your business in the future. Those questions will help you to develop great content for your website and social media channels. If you keep getting the same...

I love you too, sign here!

When a potential business partner asked, “Do you have any faults or defects?” My answer; “More than I would like to admit. I tend to trust people too readily.” A few months later, (as I had no funds to invest), we were in business together on the basis of a...

James P Nolan - Planing an expedition

What Not To Do When Pursuing Adventure Sport

You will make mistakes when taking part in adventure sports. This is a certainty. If you didn’t people would never learn and you would never grow. However, the good news is you can learn from other people’s mistakes. So be sure to learn from my failures, go have some failures...

What Not To Do When Deciding Where To Donate

Researching charities can be time consuming and there are many organisations out there already doing the heavy lifting for us. Non-profit evaluators like Givewell.org are a great place to learn more about which interventions are most promising and which charities are best at delivering those interventions....

What not to do – Don’t forget the fundamentals!

Excellence and high performance in any profession and walk of life is about doing the ordinary, fundamental pieces extraordinarily well and to the highest possible standard to achieve the highest possible outcomes. Learn the fundamentals you need to know, practice them regularly with a zeal and passion and will serve...

The Nays and Nos of Networking

Networking is always going to be a little awkward initially as our brains are wired to scan for danger when we come across an unfamiliar face and when that’s a sea of unfamiliar faces, our brains are shouting ‘run for cover!’. That initial discomfort is natural and is to be...

Staff are everything

Employees are your business, and the selection of a candidate should not be rushed or even farmed out. It should be treated as one of the most important part of your duties....

What not to Do when Empowering the ‘Student Voice’

The goal of inspiring student leaders is to create a culture of ownership, collaboration and community in the classroom. It’s easy to see that given the right opportunities, students will blossom to be leaders in fields that interest them, making a positive impact on society....

What not to do when creating a blog for your website

If you are planning to write a blog for your business’s website your content needs to pass the “who cares” test. It should inform and engage readers and potential customers by answering questions they might have. You have to write about what interests them, not just what you want to...

What Not To Do When Starting Up A Business

Take the time to think about how you choose a service to work with. Do you pick the first one you see without any recommendations or without hearing a message form the provider? Imagine what you would need to hear about the service. Now apply that to your own. Start...

What Not To Do About Whats On Offer

When you’re looking to define what your offering is, begin by seeking to understand why potential clients might want to buy your services. If you’re just starting out, ask yourself: What will my offering help my client to do differently or better? How will their lives be better because of...

When not to eat too many cookies

What I love to do most as one year turns to another, is to bring Christmas cheer and presents to everyone. As you may already know my name is Nicholas, but call me Nick and I’ve been around for a very very long time.  Over the years the children have gotten...

What Not To Do When Planning an Expedition

Planning an expedition or planning anything for that matter can be a challenge. Although it doesn’t need to be, especially if you don’t do what I did. Don’t forget to have an aim, don’t forget to plan thoroughly how to reach that aim and don’t forget to finally reach for...

David Clancy - podcasting and sports

What Not to Do When creating a podcast

The Landscape I always wanted to create a podcast, having devoured ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, ‘The Tim Ferriss Show’, ‘Trained’ and ‘School of Greatness’ for ages. I felt it would be a cool project to embark on (which it is, do not get me wrong there! I have learned so much,...

What Not To Do When Establishing a Social Enterprise

I have been involved with establishing many social enterprises and often we suffer from an inferiority complex, a feeling that we are running a business and that in some way it is ‘business-lite’ in comparison to standard profit making business. This complex leads to a reliance on hand-outs and the...

Don’t be out of balance

Business is like real life. If things are out of balance there will generally be pressure or some toppling over. Businesses operate in a similar environment where out of balance can mean lost profits. Don’t be out of balance in business practices. ...

Marketing is everything

Marketing isn’t everything but… We had spotted a gap in the market for rent protection for landlords, which was something no one else was doing. Between us we investigated what it would take to offer this product to the market. My partner was convinced of its merits, after-all it was his...

pricing mags boland murphy

Recognise Your Value & Price Proficiently

To be successful at securing your clients and building your business you will need cashflow and you need to be confidently pricing to generate that cashflow. You need to make less assumptions and put yourself in your prospective clients shoes, what do you need to make them aware of in...

bill phillips - building client relationships

My Cardinal Sin as a Management Consultant

In my view, and my painful experience, THE cardinal sin in management consulting is to forget or misinterpret who is your client. This is a story of how I insulted very deeply my client, without even realising it for nearly three years. It cost me my business and filled me with...

anne tannam value yourself ask a fair price

What Not To Do When Putting a Value on Our Work

We need to understand the basic principle of fair exchange, and how it impacts our ability over an extended period of time, to consistently offer exceptional service. Simply put, if the price we’re asking for does not take into account the cost of running a business, and investing in professional...

Image credit text - Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

#WNTD with your website

What Not To Do with your website - A list to help you identify 4 pitfalls that you should avoid when planning your website. These are simple traps to fall into that will cost you available time and money, 2 resources your business can ill-afford to lose. ...

Don’t Distort the View

As I read through social media posts and look at many documents produced by people in all areas, it pains me to see images distorted or blurry or the image has the wrong colour settings for printing. Here are a few pointers on What Not To Do when it comes...