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What Not To Do When Starting Up A Business

Main aims when setting up a business

When you are setting up a business, the main aim for your business is to attract clients or customers. Unfortunately, the business will not and cannot survive without customers or clients. It does not matter how shiny your brochures are or how much you paid for your website, without a clear and concise message targeting your ideal audience you will not succeed in hooking in your clients to your business.

What not to do

Do not spend large amounts of time and money on shiny brochures, getting the biggest and best website on the market especially if it is a small business you are operating. Do not exhaust yourself getting every word of text for each page of your website in order, before you launch. Do not stress yourself out, worrying about fine detail on you pages. Do not expect that the day you press go live on your website that you will be inundated with enquiries from your ideal clients even though you haven’t yet figured out who they might be. Do not think that your website or profile will come to the top of a generic search of your industry on Day 1. The reality is, that this will not happen. Your ideal clients will have to get to know, like and trust you before they invest in your services. Do not give up when they do not come knocking bombarding you with enquiries on that first week.

Learning from my failures

Having spent hours, days and weeks preparing to get my website live I was so devastated when I didn’t get all those enquiry calls after setting up my business. I did not know what to do next. I could not understand it. I had all of the qualifications and I knew that I was good at my job. Finally, somebody mentioned to me that it would be a good idea to join a networking group. Reluctantly I did. I quickly realised that what I had done was useful and would serve me in the long term but before all of that I needed to get active on social media. It is a terribly busy world out there and standing out to attract clients is a lot more work than I realised. I got to grips with social media and started showing up with a consistent message on a regular basis. Soon I began to attract my ideal clients. I began to interact with them, and I was then able to direct them to my website. I didn’t give up, I kept showing up. Let me tell you now, what I did when I first set up my business.


My Failure

Having decided that I was going to set up my own business I was so excited. I assumed that I needed the shiny objects, everything perfect. I spent weeks and weeks working on my website, thinking about the pictures, the text, the print size, the content. I scrolled endlessly through other peoples’ websites to see what they had, what the best lines were, what I would put on each page. I spent days checking for typos, making sure all my qualifications were uploaded and my bio had all my details on it.

I assumed that instead of me going out to find my ideal clients that they would come running looking for me. I remember so clearly the day my website went live sitting waiting, waiting, and waiting to be inundated with enquiries but none came, not even one. I checked to make sure the website was actually live. I had never heard of Search Engine Optimisation. The thought never occurred to me that my website would be swallowed up in a virtual world that I knew very little about. I set up a Facebook page and a LinkedIn page. I did not post anything. I didn’t see why I would need to. Didn’t they all know what I was offering and if they didn’t, they could ask so what was stopping them? I just assumed they would all read my mind, assume that I was the person for them and at least make an enquiry. Once I got the enquiry, I could take it from there. I laugh when I think back over that now. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

Summary Conclusion

Take the time to think about how you choose a service to work with. Do you pick the first one you see without any recommendations or without hearing a message form the provider? Imagine what you would need to hear about the service. Now apply that to your own. Start small and get your message out there.

Top Tip

When setting up a business, get clear on your message, who your client is and what you offer them. Keep it simple. Learn to say it in 30 seconds so that a 10-year old child can understand it.

Don’t overcomplicate it trying to be too clever with big fancy words that nobody outside your industry understands. A confused mind will not buy. Then ask yourself where your ideal audience hang out and put out free valuable content so that they can get to know like and trust you. Continue to speak in their language. Be consistent with your message and your brand. Keep at it, it takes time and persistence to make it in any business.

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